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Links to the other chapters of the web-site;
Pictures of the Buiding;
Latest news;
Contact information (e-mails, directions and phone numbers);

The Building

Get to Know Cetenco Plaza Building: Brief presentation of the building (history, headquerters, facilities, pictures and our goals);

Facilities: Presentation of the building features and facilities (air conditioned system, parking area, elevator, useful areas etc).

Latest Projects: Process improvement publishing;

Avaliable Space: List of the avaliable spaces on the building (pictures, brief description of the spaces, and contact information with name, phone number and e-mail of the property owners);

The Condominium

About the Condominium: Brief presentation of the condominium (rules, our partners);

Tenant Directory: List of the companies which are present at the building, divided in alphabetical order;

Services: Presentation of the services provided by Cetenco Plaza - Torre Norte;

What's New

Publishing of new projects, news, press releases and information about events related to Cetenco Plaza;

Contact Us

Contact information (locations, e-mails, phone numbers). The users may ask for information just by filling the forms (name, phone number and e-mail) which will be e-mailed to Cetenco Plaza - North Tower.